The Easy Way to DIY a Display Pedestal

Dear Home lovers,

Do you want to bring an Art Gallery vibe to your home ? Why not have your very own pedestal to expose art, objects, or flower arrangements that you love ? Keep reading for the Tutorial

It looks fantastic.

The perfection of geometry painted in white – Image Credits: Saatchi Gallery

I wanted exactly that but was a bit reluctant to spend too much money on it by getting one already made from a specialist website. The problem wasn’t the cost of the item, but the shipment ! This is often eye-watering and almost doubling the price of the item therefore I decided to make my own. Plus added a little twist to it. Because when you DIY, you can really make it your own.

My very own DIY Pedestal Made in MDF and my cat photobombing

Material & Tools Needed

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Total cost for this project for me was £75.86. If you look online for buying a pedestal plinth like this off the shelf, it would cost you between £150 and £200 so for me it was worth to DIY it.

The MDF planks I got for this project
How to put it together

First decide the size of your pedestal (perhaps before you buy the MDF). Because of the size of my room and existing furniture, I didn’t want to build anything too bulky so I went for 25cm width and 81cm height.

I measured and traced directly on the MDF with a pencil

Decide how you want the pieces to interlock and draw the measurement by placing the pieces together and tracing measurement with a pencil and ruler.

Because I used the full lengh of the MDF plank, I only needed to make sure the top and bottom sides were all equal to 25cm.

I then asked my partner to use the circular saw and cut 2 square pieces with dimension 25cm for top and bottom panels in one MDF panel.

Then to cut the 3 side planks with a width of 2x at 25cm and 1x at 24,1cm (25 – 9mm which was the thickness of the plank). Now you may be like -hold on- there is only 3 sides ??

Yes! Because I wanted the back of the pedestal to be open so that I could use to hide objects such as ugly tv remote and xbox controllers. Clever isn’t it ? I mean you would not see this side because I plan to place the pedestal near a wall and not in the middle of the room. So yes, I do know my home is not a museum.

Once all of your pieces are cut. Use sandpaper to buff the edges that were cut and start assembling your pedestal!

Add Wood glue to the MDF pieces and use the Clamp to press the sides together.

Use a heavy book to put pressure on the top and bottom panels. Clean any excess of glue immediately with a wet tissue.

Then when all the sides are together, let it dry overnight

The next day, I removed the clamps and it was ready for painting!

First goes the Primer

I sanded between coats and gave a good sand on the joints. Once the paint is in, it looks very good. I may do another coat at a later stage, i feel the spray paint was not covering too well.

I also added a few furniture pads at the bottom of the pedestal so I can move it without damaging the flooring.

The Pedestal with blooming Peonies Flowers

Hope you liked this tutorial! If you have any comments feel free to use the box below!