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In this blog post, I will introduce a selection of engineered wood along with a few minimalist and simple mood-boards; with neutral and soft hues for the perfect calm and serene space.

Disclaimer: Words, photography and views are my own. The post is a paid collaboration with the brand above but rest assured of its authentic content as I would only write about what I believe my readers can benefit from. Links aren’t affiliated.

A White, Black and soft pink combination with Fyfield Elite Engineered Oak White Lightly Brushed & Oiled
What is Engineered Wood?

Engineered Wood is composed of a top layer made out of solid wood (same as solid wood flooring) and an engineered based made out of condensed layers of plywood with an interlocking system for an easy installation.

Thanks to its top layer, Engineered Wood Flooring feels just like a wood flooring: it is warm, inviting and elegant. There are many finishes to choose from and below is a selection I took from One thing worth pointing out: The website highlights that the wood used is sustainably sourced which is an important aspect for me when looking to buy anything made out of timber.

It truely is of high-quality, reputably durable and would look great in any style of interiors. My living room flooring is a laminate that I have painted in white and I remembered at the time I was considering removing the laminate and replacing it with engineered flooring but as we had a bathroom and kitchen renovation going on, we couldn’t afford it so I decided to paint it instead.

The top layer of solid wood (see pictures below), can be sanded down and refinished up to x3 or more times (depends on the product) but don’t worry this shouldn’t be necessary in a domestic installation for the first 10-15 years (as per this website).

Which Areas are best for Engineered Flooring?

Engineered Wood suits most lifestyles but it does need a bit of care and maintenance (Read below about “Maintenance tips“). Hence why it wouldn’t be the first choice for rooms where muddy shoes and high traffic areas are, for instance, rooms leading to an outdoor door entrance. However, it can be a great choice for living rooms, bedrooms or offices where the warmth and character of wood can fully express itself. Even though at the end of the day, it is your home and you do as you please… I am not here to tell you what to do!

Moodboard #1 – A Whitewashed Oak Engineered Wood Flooring
Moodboard #2 – A Grey Stone Oak Engineered Wood Flooring
Moodboard #3 – A Natural Oak Rustic Aged, Milano Elite Engineered Wood Flooring
And to put them in perspective…
  1. Milano Elite Engineered Natural Oak Rustic Aged Brushed and Oiled – £45.99/sqm (above featured)
  2. Calder Engineered Smoked Oak Brushed and White Oiled – £43.99
  3. Fyfield Elite Engineered Unfinished Oak – £46.99
  4. Barnworth Engineered Grey Stone Oak Brushed and Matt Lacquered – £35.99 (above featured)
  5. Glanwell Engineered Natural Oak Brushed and Oiled – £30.49
  6. Fyfield Elite Engineered Oak White Lightly Brushed and Oiled – £31.99 (above featured)
Maintenance Tips

These tips can be read in full on Flooring365 Blog here but this is a quick overview of what to expect in terms of Engineered Wood Flooring maintenance.

  • Use Vacuum Cleaner and specific wood cleaner only
  • Use furniture pads to avoid scratches from moving furniture like chairs for instance
  • Add rugs in high traffic areas like door entrances
  • Keep pets’ nails trimmed to avoid scratches
  • Don’t use a mop, it doesn’t like water (It is real wood after all)
  • Don’t walk on it with High Heels (stiletto).
White, Black and Soft Pink combination
Looking for More Options? Get Your Own Samples

The Best way to pick up flooring is, in my opinion, by seeing it in your room, play with it against other items like existing furniture, or wall colours. Touching it as well will help you appreciate the material that it is made of. A great way to do that is by getting wood flooring samples, offers FREE wood samples on their extensive catalogue so you could order it online and wait to receive it in the post making the whole process a lot easier! Choosing Flooring can be difficult because there is so much to choose from, it is an expensive decision that will last decades so It is understandable that we don’t want to get it wrong so no rush in making a decision is the key here!

About is an online flooring retailer. They specialise in Solid Wood, Engineered Wood, Parquet, Laminate and Vinyl flooring. The head office and showroom is based in Huddersfield, HD3 4HT. They also have warehouses in the UK; London, Leeds, Southampton, Coventry, Cardiff and Hartlepool. Most of their online catalogue is available for 2-3 DAYS delivery.

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