A Selection of Designer Outdoor Lights From David Village Lighting

Is Outdoor lighting, the cherry on the cake when it comes to a garden design ? It can be the last thing people think about when designing an outdoor space, at least it was for us, but it really creates a wow factor during the warmer months by providing a cool and edgy vibe.
Are you thinking about festoon lights ? Sure, these are the most popular and readily available option but why not consider designer outdoor lighting to bring a little edge to your garden ?

Disclaimer: Words, photography (unless mentioned) and views are my own. The post is a paid collaboration with the brand above but rest assured of its authentic content as I would only write about companies I would use myself and products I genuinely like. Links aren’t affiliate.

For this blog post, I tried and tested the Follow Me LED lamp from David Village Lighting and had a closer look at their comprehensive catalogue to extract 10 Outdoor Lighting that are easy to install in any garden (do not require a connection to the mains) and pack a distinctive style.

As previously on this blog, design, quality, simplicity and functionality prevails and I hope you would like this selection.

About David Village Lighting
David Village Lighting is a designer lighting company that have been running for over 30 years. With a large retail showroom in Sheffield, UK and an online shop, shipping worldwide; they work with a wide range of designer brands as official suppliers, providing lighting, furniture and home accessories.

Follow Me LED Lamp from Marset
Image credit: mymindfulhome.co.uk
About the lamp

The lamp was Designed by Inma Bermudez whose studio specialise in creating modern furniture, lighting and accessories for international brands such as Marset, IKEA, HABITAT, Zaozuo, etc. Follow me is a portable, rechargeable LED table lamp, and can be taken anywhere.

Extremely easy to use, with only one button to turn it on/off and dimmer the light intensity. It has a large handle inviting you to pick it up and bring it with you hence carrying the name “follow me”. An echo to perhaps past times when electricity didn’t exist and you would need to follow at night time whoever was carrying a lantern to go places.

The colours of this table lamp are soothing with a majority of white and with a natural oak wood handle. In terms of materials, we can find brass for the on/off/dimmer button, white polycarbonate for the tiltable lampshade, and oak wood for the handle. It is so simple but kind of perfect at the same time. I think it has a minimalist aspect to it because of its petite size, simplicity of material and clean lines.

It works well inside the home to replace candlelight or light an area where no other lamps are installed. I have used it indoors, in my office on the corner of my desk. This room has good lighting but I find the warm white light coming from it quite pretty and like a candle quite soothing as well.

Taking it to the garden and to the beach

I enjoyed transporting into our patio/garden where I must say our festoon lights do not shine as much light as this little table lamp. 240 lumens to be exact as mentioned on the David Village Lighting website.

As it is small, I decided to take it with me on holiday abroad, I simply added it in my backpack along my computer and took it in the cabin with me. No dramas at all. With a size of 28.5×12.5cm, it can easily fit in a bag.

Love the lantern effect here. Many walls are white in Portugal, I guess it is a mediterranean thing. Image credit: mymindfulhome.co.uk

The battery can last up to 5 hours and it is easily chargeable via a usb port like you would do for a smartphone, so I only packed an extra charging cable with me. Making it easy to take the lamp with you in the evening to watch the sunset or for a walk on the beach with it.

I took the lamp with me by the beach to watch the sunset – Image credit: mymindfulhome.co.uk
I enjoyed being able to see where I was as the beach gets pitch black after the sun goes down

In a nutchell, this is a lovely little lamp with a great design and I can see now the benefits of using a portable lamp which is way more stylish than using my phone flashlight…

And 9 More Design Lighting options from David Village Lighting

Now here is a further selection from David Village Lighting. This is in case you need something bigger for your outdoor space. These aren’t really transportable per say (can’t really take them to the beach!), but they can be moved indoors easily as they just need to be connected to a power socket and not the mains of the house.

10 Designer Outdoor Lights Ideas – Pin me for later!
  1. FollowMe LED Lamp£144
  2. Foscarini Gregg Outdoor TerraFrom £180
  3. Jaima Floor 54 £2,043
  4. Bover Amphora 1 Floor Light£898
  5. Bover Garota Mini Exterior Table£446
  6. Vibia Meridiano 4710 Lamp – £1,405
  7. Bover Amphora 2 Floor Light£1371
  8. Prandina Room floor F55 Outdoor£337
  9. Bover Garota P/02£951
  10. Innermost Asteroid Table£134

Note: Prices are accurate at the time of writing, click on links for latest prices and availability.

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