The Manifesto

What is My Mindful Home?

It is a simple, functional house with an energy flow that reveals your lifestyle and your aspirations. It is your home serving you, and making your life easier on a daily basis. It is not a magic formula, it is a process of removing, adding, twinking and living. For me, my mindful home takes inspiration from minimalism, user-centric designs, scandinavian interiors, bohemian lifestyle and if it has a few period features even better.

Some examples:

⁃ It is knowing that clutter participates to unhappiness and it is taking steps to reduce it.

⁃ It is the sofa corner with a soft blanket and a place to put hot beverage to unwind.

⁃ It’s having a room that works with your flow like a Bathroom tailored to your routine or a Kitchen tailored to your cooking preferences.

⁃ It is having an electronic personal assistant like Alexa if you have a full-time job and it helps you get ready in the morning.

⁃ It is consuming less but better

⁃ It is enjoying having a routine

⁃ It is understanding that architecture, good design, makes your space more fluid and in result gives you calm and happiness.

⁃ It is looking at the curated art in your living room, appreciate the message, the colours and what it means to you.

⁃ It is forgiving yourself if something is not what you want yet but making steps towards your goal.


I am pationate about how people use and decorate their living space and choose the flow that goes with it turning a house into a home.

What’s your mindful home ? #zenhome #mymindfulhome

The blog Logo is an ENSŌ, a ZEN hand-drawn circle representing a moment when the mind lets the body create. A symbol of strength, elegance, universe. Semi-closed, it represents the acceptance of imperfection as perfect.
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