testphoto2-1-5Hello, it’s nice to meet you!

Who am I

My Name is Marlène. A little bit about me. I’ve lived in London a large part of my twenties, and I’m a new homeowner in South West London.  I grew up in France (Paris Region) and moved here for two reasons. First, because I was attracted by the English speaking world: The culture, music, arts which is widely exported to Paris and France for centuries. Secondly, because of work opportunities as many multinational employers are located here and eager to employ dynamic young multilingual people forming London melting-pot. 

After working for years in London. I decided that working for another company in-house wasn’t for me. I am too creative to do the typical office job plugging away all day on the computer or selling things I don’t believe make a worthwhile contribution to people or the planet (I know so “millenial” of me). I need to be creating, sharing and learning. I realized that by having time consuming jobs I was letting my mental health and work balance suffer from it and overall wasn’t a very happy person. So when my partner and I got a house, I decided to use it as a blank canvas to adapt it to my new way of working and living. A peaceful relaxing place to come home to and a space to work from and develop myself as a newly self-employed person. 

So I went all in. I started this blog around Interior Decor to to share our projects, DIY tutorials, Products I’ve tried and my favourites sharing a vision of simplicity, design and better living. By better living I mean taking steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. But… creating your own success online can be difficult as well and quite daunting. 

Keeping a home simple and functional is at the key of this blog and I love sharing tips to help you create a calm and relaxed space at home. Thinking about all aspect of space design, and focusing on well-being at home.

I post blog posts every week, and you can find me on Pinterest and Instgram.

I share tips about my own experiences from creating a back garden design, designing your own kitchen, or a minimalist bathroom, or designing your own catio (it’s a thing look it up!). Additionally, I am combining my natural geeky disposition with computers and 3D design by proposing to support my readers more directly during the planning stage of their redecoration with an online Interior Planning Service read more here

Oh and I couldn’t finish this intro without mentioning my partner, his superior carpentry skills, and our two cute male Bengal cats who make photobombing an art. 

I hope you like your visit.

Bon surfing!