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Thanks for visiting! Are you a homeowner, an Interior Designer, a Contractor? Let’s work together.

I offer : 

Interior Planning Service
(3D space design, product shopping lists)
with optional Project Management.

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These days many Decor Shop or established blogger (which I don’t consider myself as one yet, let’s get this out right now! I am new as of March 2018) is offering an Interior Planning service. So why me?

First, I am not tied down to a single brand so I can work around your needs and ideas and come up with a look that suits you and don’t depend on what a single retailer has to offer. I have access to trade discount here and there…

Second, I am new and self-made and I have adapted my pricing accordingly. I am not very expensive compared to more experienced or specifically educated Interior Planners. I prefer simple interiors so I will probably never push you to take a wallpaper you don’t like or guilt you into “be bolder” with your paint or flooring choices. Nonetheless, I’d probably try to convince you to get a few designer furniture pieces though and talk about investment pieces that you can resell at a good price instead of binning it…


Third, I am building my portfolio. This is a freelance activity for me and I do this for fun and some extra money. 

And finally… you can see my home on here and how I decorate so you probably have a general idea of me as a person – I am not very different than my “online persona”.

My background is marketing in IT, Residential Solar panels, and Luxury Bathrooms just before I had a late quarter-life crisis and decided to change my career and do something that is more “me” – I know this is so millennial it makes my eyes roll too.

oh and I have got a Master Degree in Project Management and speak 4 languages but that is definitely not really interior related, I am just bragging…

Contact me here: marlene@mymindfulhome.co.uk

We can be as online or offline as you like. I am good with computers and OK with humans too.

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