Ethical Decor Accessories and Furniture finds from Vênoor

As much as I can, I make sure any addition to my home is mindful of the space I have, and was responsibly produced. This is not that easy as many furniture shops lack transparency regarding the origins of the materials used and if they were responsibly sourced or ethically produced.

Disclaimer: These products were gifted as compensation for content created including this blog post but all views and words are mine.

“Ethically produced” can encompass a few things for me. First that materials were responsibly sourced either from a renewable source or if they are from the animal origin that laws around welfare are complied to. Secondly, the local workers are paid a fair wage regardless of where it is produced. OK I know that is very difficult to get information as manufacturers still today don’t really put this forward and quality labels remain vague or non-existent.

So when a brand do make the effort to be more transparent and put this information forward. I LIKE.

I was very pleased that Venoor contacted me to review a few products and spread the word about their brand.

Vênoor – Ethically made furniture
  • Ethically made

The owners at Vênoor make sure to carefully select workshops to produce their design and ensure that all employees are cared for. Read more about Venoor ethical approach here: sustainability at Venoor.

  • Sourcing sustainable timber

Moreover, the timber used in their furniture is sustainable timber. By sustainable sources, it means the timber complies to FSC, or RIKSH standards.

Hive side table from venoor styled in modern grey Living room
The Hive table is such a beauty of design and use of quality materials.

Made of a green marble top from Rajasthan marble and with a powder-coated iron base here in bronze. It is a beautiful little side table that will find its place by an armchair like here below, as sofa ends or on its own. This table is available with a green, white or black marble top. The base is in black, bronze or antique brass.

Cosy corner. Hive side table from venoor styled with armchair
HIVE – Green Marble top for this side table

The Hive table also looks good on its own or at the sofa ends

Close up details Hive side table from venoor styled with armchair
Hive Side table – Marble top details

This little table is simply stunning. The marble natural stone is heavy and shiny; the base is strong. The whole product perspire of material quality and great craftsmanship.

Hive table venoor in modern living room styling ideas
Evo Bowl
Hive side table from venoor styled in modern grey Living room and evo bowls
Evo bowl in 13cm on the coffee table

These bowls are versatile as they can be used on their own, as tea candle holder or as plant holder. I placed a 13cm plant pot in the larger bowl to style it.

Evo Decorative Bowls close up with candles
Evo bowls can be used as a candle holder
Evo Decorative Bowls and Hive side table
The round shape of the bowls is soothing and fits well into my living room
Evo Decorative Bowls close up with plant
Evo bowls styled as a table centrepiece
Evo Decorative Bowls close up with plant
A little plant looks also lovely in the larger Evo Bowl
Evo Decorative Bowls close up with plant and candle
Evo Decorative Bowls close up with plant and candle

Hope you find some inspiration for ethically made furniture!

All pictures are mine. Please credit them to this article before using. Thank you