HOW-TO CREATE an Eco-friendly DIY Fireplace Garland

This year I decided to do perhaps the most eco-friendly garland possible by using cut-outs from my garden plants and trees.

For this look all-natural, you will need.

Items to use:

  • Olive tree branches
  • Rosemary branches
  • Any other evergreen bushes branches you may have like Cypress, Hemlok, Blue Holly, Inkberry Holly, Eucalyptus is great too.
  • A mix of Candlestick and tea-candles
  • Battery-powered fairy lights
  • Equally, you could go to your nearby park and forage a few cut-outs too, or collect pine cones, chestnuts. It’s surprising what you can find in the woods.
The garden bushes needed a bit of a trim so instead of binning the trims, I made a garland out of it
Eco friendly sustainable Christmas decoration DIY
At first, I had a bit too much build up in the middle so I cut the branch and redistributed it
A Simple Fireplace Decoration For The Best Time of the Year
I’ve used some eucalyptus I had dried, and a couple of artificial branches as well

I have used branches from my olive trees, rosemary and curry leave bushes.

I wanted a Christmas decor that would be natural and smell nice.

You don’t need to clutter your house with a big garland that you will have to keep all year long.

If you don’t have olive trees or rosemary, perhaps you have some evergreen bushes or cypress which would look really good.

To style, you start from the middle outwards and build up by adding more layers, then after you can add a few candles or fairy lights. I plan to get some warm white fairy lights but for now these candles will do.

This beauty candle-holder is from french artisan Patricia Masson

You could use the same approach to style a Festive table as well. The options are endless!

Hope you like it!