Clean the air of your home with Blueair Air Purifiers

This blog post is a review of the BlueAir Air Purifier 405 Classic Model based on my experience of trying the product.

Disclaimer: The Classic 405 Air Purifier was gifted as compensation for content created including this blog post but all views and words are mine.

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The quality of the air I breathe has been a concern for some time as I am living in a city for several years. The concern doesn’t lie in the short term but in the long term of being exposed daily to petrol and diesel car pollution. Of course, I realise that this is something I cannot control and can only rely on the local councils and government take actions to better the air quality of public spaces. The one thing I can control is the quality of air in my own home. Because of air pollution and my hay fever allergies, I have been keeping an eye on the soar of Air purifier devices of the last decade, however, I wasn’t sure how to find the right one that combine performance, and low noise.

The Blue Air Classic 405 Air Purifier is the most awarded Air purifier from BlueAir, therefore, I was really pleased to be able to try it. It was top-rated in the Air Purifier category from reputable product review website (source).

The Classic 405 was designed for rooms up to 40 sqm/430 sqft – image credit:
The Classic 405 is their most awarded Air purifier. Image credit:

About BlueAir:
Blueair is a Swedish company owned by Unilever (since 2016). BlueAir founder, two decades ago put together the best designers and air filtration experts to build the World’s best air purifier. They design their award-winning air purifier products in-house with an ethos on sustainability, quality and design. (source)

Product links below :
Air Purifier 405 – John Lewis – GBP 499 (aff)
Air Purifier 405 – BlueAir – GBP 529

I love how the Air Purifier just blends in my living room

Why I felt I needed an Air purifier

There are very simple reasons why I wanted to try an Air Purifier device at home and perhaps you will see that some of these reasons apply to you too.

  • Living in an Urban Area (London otherwise traditionally called “the big Smoke”)
  • Co-habiting with two pets
  • High-pile Wool Rug Collecting Dust easily
  • Allergies: We both have allergies, to dust mites for my partner and pollen/hay fever for me. During late spring and summer, I have to be on antihistamine drugs, take one tab a day otherwise I have an itchy throat, and mouth which is terrible to feel on a regular basis and therefore I can’t stand being outside for a long time. Even inside the home, it is better but I can still struggle. The idea of having a device that would remove the allergen from the air at home is very appealing. Although I must say at the time of writing this blog post it is autumn and my typical symptoms have disappeared but I cannot wait to see how it goes next year.
The Classic Model has a simple and stylish design which look great in modern interiors

BlueAir Air Purifier 405 Classic
How it works

What it does is remove particles from the air. This is what is called « purifying ». It removes volatile elements that you can’t see like dust, allergen, pet hair, capture traffic pollution element, VOC – volatile organic compound. (The carbon filter was especially designed for smoke and VOC), even smells can be captured.

The used air is sucked by the machine and all these elements are captured by the filter and is re-injected into the room as virtually free of allergen and asthma triggers

It couldn’t be an easier device to operate. Once the filter is in position and the air purifier device is plugged to a power socket, you only need to press one button to turn it on and it will start clearing the air of your room. It has a three-speed position. You could use the higher speed setting if you want to clean the air of a room rapidly but the cruise speed for me is the first one. It gives out a discrete humming sound. It has been OK to have it on during the night without it being disruptive.

The button in the middle is the low – medium – high speed setting
About filters

The filter needs changing every 6 months. The device comes with a filter already. It is the Classic 400 HEPA Particle Filter which cost about 65 GBP. There is another filter available, Classic 400 SmokeStop Filter focus on purifying rooms from smoke which cost about 95 GBP

Living with pets introduce allergens and smells in the air which is now cleaned by the air purifier
What can you do with the smartphone APP.

You’ll find the Blueair Friend smartphone app in the ios store and android store.

  • Update firmware of the device
  • With the app I am able to remotely turn on and off the Air Purifier. Very convenient if you are in bed and you want to turn it on or off…
  • Program an automatic schedule to turn on/off the device every day during certain hours.
  • Dim or turn off the LED brightness of the device.
  • Finally , you can check the exterior quality of air in your neighbourhood and any place as it uses the data from , the accurate air quality data specialist website.
The benefits I have noticed

It is Quiet. At 32db on the first speed, the sound is equivalent to the noise coming from a working computer. Sort of a humming sound. It isn’t distracting to have it one while watching a movie for example.

I was pleasantly surprised and absolutely love using the air purifier. I am not going to pretend otherwise: I was unsure if a Air Purifier was a tech gimmick or an essential device of modern living but now I am a converted aficionado. And I can say that it is definitely not a gimmick! The 405 model definitely cleans the air and you can feel it. It turns out that just one day after having it on in the living room, I noticed when I entered the room, the air felt cleaner.

After a few days I decided to place it in the corridor. It is where we keep a litter of the cats, well the air purifier has dramatically reduce the smell of having pets in the house. So I think it is definitely something I recommend for pet owners.

Now I just leave the air purifier on whenever I am home

I turn it on a few hours before getting home so the air is cleaned for when I arrive.

I would definitely recommend to friends and family for their homes and would have probably bought it eventually.

In a nutchell for a clean air in your room, I’d recommend : having a few large plants, open windows once in a while and have an aur purifier in the rooms where you spend the most time.

Thanks for reading!