DIY – Barrier Mask Sewing Pattern Tutorial


Today’s blog post is a bit unusual content. Whereas I have posted DIY tutorials before, they are most focus on home DIY for example How to make your own headboard than protecting you for a Global Pandemic… but we are now adapting to a new normal and I felt that I could also share a creative project I have been doing on the side.

. I think medical mask should be used in Hospitals not by the public so making your own artisanal mask made a lot of sense. Especially as I have a sewing machine.So I’d like to take the opportunity to explain how I’ve done it especially if you too have a sewing machine or know someone who has one. *wink wink*

This tutorial is inspired and translated from the french tutorial made by the Hospital CHU of Grenoble for its personnel working at the hospital but not directly dealing with covid-19 patients. Link at the bottom for reference. 

==>> Click HERE to download PDF with step-by-step INSTRUCTIONS and PRINTABLE SEWING PATTERN <<==

Finished DIY Barrier-Mask

This is not a medical mask. The barrier-mask purpose is to minimise inhalation of droplets in the air by shielding the mouth and nose (to some degree) and to avoid all-together touching your nose or mouth with hands.  

You should use a minimum of three layers: one exterior layer, one internal layer and one inner layer. 

My DIY Face Mask

Tools, Materials needed:  Sewing Machine, Iron, Cuttin shears, Tape measure, Fabric, Elastic band.

Type of Fabric : Use fabric that can be washed with detergent in a washing machine at 40c, ideally 60c.
Cotton, linen for external and internal layers and felt or fleece for inner layer are good choices.
Use fabric you have in the house. From previous projects, or old pillow case, kitchen tea towels, tablecloth etc. 

They should be worn for 4 hours max, remember to wash them regularly. Once clean and dry, Iron the mask at High temperature before wearing it.

Sewing Pattern – Download the PDF document for correct ratio

You should use a minimum of three layers: one exterior layer, one internal layer and one inner layer. 

Artisanal Face Mask
Artisanal Face Mask

You can find the original tutorial in french language here.

I made one in beige linen colour as it is more discrete to wear than pure white.

Hope you find it interesting! There are many different patterns out there, let’s get creative and look after each other !