8 Places to Buy Houseplants Online

Today’s blog post is about where to find houseplants to buy online.
Due to the current situation, we are facing in Spring 2020. A lot of people are staying in, and perhaps looking at their homes like they never did before. Perhaps even looking at ways to feel better in the home and if so indoor plants are the way-to-go! Having indoor plants or houseplants is not as hard as most people would want you to believe and there are tons of advise online on how to care for your plants. For example patchplants provide clear advice on how to care for your plants.

My Fiddl Fig Tree in the Living Room

Have I killed plants before? – Yes of course, I even killed the reputably “unkillable” succulent because I COMPLETELY forgot about it.
So in a nutshell, never give up being a parent to plants, and you could soon be surrounded by your very own urban jungle with alive beautiful plants. Wouldn’t the image of walking into a room with greeneries feel you with joy?

And yes. I don’t care what the glossy interior magazines are saying, artificial plants will never be the same as real, alive plants, that clean the air of your home and connects you with nature. Bringing you that feel-good factor.

No plastic plant, regardless of how realistic they look will make you feel the link with nature. If your hands aren’t getting dirty once in a while, you are missing out on experiencing the full spectrum of being a human (ok I am maybe getting overdramatic now). Artificial plants do have their place in home decoration especially if you want to decorate hard to reach areas with plants. But for the plants you keep close to you, the real deal is much better!

Without further ado, find below a few places to consider if you want to purchase houseplants with home delivery services.

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  1. John Lewis HousePlants
Credits: Bundle of plants by John Lewis House Plants

2. Patchplants.com

credit: Leopard Lily by patchplants instagram

3. Londonhouseplants.com

Credits: Zamioculcas by London House Plants

4. B&Q HousePlants

Credits: Weeping Fig by B&Q

5. Ikea Houseplants

Credits: Corokia by Ikea
Credits: Kentia Palm by IKEA

6. Crocus.co.uk

credits: Strelitzia nicolai Crocus.co.uk

7. RHSplants.co.uk

8. Primrose.co.uk

Credits: Sanseviera by Primerose.co.uk

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