A Scandinavian Brand Of Minimalist Designer Watches – Nordgreen – A Product Review (Collab)

I’ve never been someone who has a lot of fashion accessories especially watches. I do enjoy nice pieces, don’t get me wrong, but on a daily basis, I won’t feel the need to coordinate with my clothes or have too many options. Actually, I’ve been wearing same simple diamonds earrings for two years now and I haven’t worn much else since then. Simplicity and accessories that can match with any clothing I feel like wearing is attractive to me. One less thing to think about I guess.


Standing in front of my freshly repainted garden fence


So today this blog article is about fashion accessories and more specifically Nordgreen, a new rising Scandinavian brand. They design minimalist Men’s and Women’s Watches in Copenhagen, love their city and hope to share its values with the world. I had the pleasure of trying the watches so you will see my experience below but first I want to give you a bit more information about Nordgreen and what they stand for.


As a Nordic brand, one core focus could only be designing beautiful products for which the Danes are known for globally. Regarding the design of their iconic watch collection, they decided to partner with Jakob Wagner.
Jakob Wagner is a renowned Danish designer, in addition to winning several design awards,  he has a reputable design portfolio: working on several products with Bang & Olufsen, the famous (and expensive…) designer headphone brand, premium furniture brands, and even designed a firefighter breathing apparatus that’s featured in MoMA, New York.  He is known for understanding user behaviour, simplistic design, superb craftsmanship and succeeding in mixing technology with beauty. My Menu Water Carafe which you may have spotted in pictures of my Kitchen was designed by Jakob Wagner 🙂


Nordgreen care about design, but also about our planet and the people in it. This is one aspect that I really appreciated when discovering the brand. They have a simple and efficient Corporate Social Responsibility program called “The Give Back” program and it works like this:

For every watch purchased, they will give back and support a global charity initiative for you in the fields of Health, Environment and Education and you can choose which cause you’d prefer to support.

Each watch will have a unique serial number, allowing you as a customer to login to your personal ‘responsibility’ page and support one of three causes, funded by Nordgreen. In pursuing this approach, they aim to empower all their customers to make a true difference – and create a unique story for each of their Nordgreen timepieces.

So when you buy your Nordgreen watch, you will give :

– 2 months of clean water to a person in Central Africa OR;
– 2 month of education to a kid in India OR;
– 200sqft of preserved rainforest in Latin America.


It is no surprise that Danish design (or any designer item for that matter) is expensive to buy and not everyone can afford to show off designer items,  and the teams at Nordgreen know that.  This is why they decided to propose their new collection at a price bracket of 100-200 GBP, so everyone can afford a minimalist designer watch.



Always exciting to open a new package


Now about my experience on Infinity – Rose Gold | Mesh | 32mm* and  Native – Silver | Grey Leather | 36mm*.  By the way, if grey leather or rose gold mesh isn’t your thing, there are more straps colours options (black, brown and navy blue for the strap), additionally and maybe a good starting point is the Nordgreen watches are available with 3 slightly different design to choose from (Native, Infinity, Philosopher), I’ve tried Native and Infinity models.

I was impressed to start with the packaging. I love a nice minimal packaging which serves its purpose and can be recycled easily. The watches come in a soft matt white paper box (similar to a famous smartphone manufacturer) which you need to slide down to discover the watch. The watch is seating in a soft material and if you take it out, you will see the Certificate of Authenticity with the serial number (as mentioned above in the Give Back Program) and the manual & warranty documents.


Open packaging view of Infinity Watch – Rose Gold | Mesh | 32mm*


One aspect I appreciated while trying out the Infinity Model (32mm Rose Gold – Mesh strap) is that the strap closing mechanism can be fully unlocked so that it can be set tight to your wrist (i just needed a tiny screwdriver).  I have a thin wrist and in the past, I have preferred other straps over a mesh or metal strap as they typically didn’t fit easily so this has been a pleasant surprise.

Regarding the Native Model (36mm Silver with Leather Grey Strap), I like its everyday look. The simplistic casing is thin yet beautiful and the leather strap seems robust. I’ve had a luxury watch before where the leather strap didn’t last long.  

And to finish this article, let me share a discount code with you, if you are looking for a cute minimalist designer watch, Use Code: NORDGREEN20 to give you 20% Off All Watches And Straps on Nordgreen online shop, they ship worldwide.

It is time to strap wrap this up,

have a good day,

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