Mixing Traditional And Modern Kitchen Design – My Experience

There are so many kitchen styles, it is quite difficult to know them all. Here is my temptation of listing them: Design, Modern, Traditional, Mediterranean, Country, Rustic, Scandinavian, Shabby-chic, Industrial, Midcentury, World. Breathe.

Maybe you have chosen one style or you are still unsure and perhaps, like me, you like a traditional kitchen but you still want to include modern touches?

If you’ve seen my kitchen pictures from previous articles, you have noticed that there is both old and new to it. Let me list exactly what belongs to which style.

For me, I use my kitchen for cooking evening meals. I may be part of the last generation who do so in cities, after all, people are developing more and more habits of eating outside, getting food delivered, and sadly seeing nutrition as a metric rather than a pleasure and sociable moment. I grew up in France where food is part of life, and in a family with origins from Portugal and Spain. I remember my grandmothers’ bright blue and yellow kitchen in the perfect Mediterranean coastal style. It was the first and biggest room of the house: its tall glass door pantry with stoneware on display, open shelving, the big gas oven, the different spices in transparent jars on the counters, drying chorizos hanging from the ceiling. The smells and colours were simply divine.

I wanted a kitchen which would tribute to simpler times but with modern touches. I created a list so I could see clearly in my style choice.

Tradition aspect of my kitchen : 
  • Beveled cabinets Design of the with Bodbyn IKEA.
  • Gas Hob
  • Fan Oven
  • Large sink
  • Cabinet handles in rustic black metal colour
Modern aspect of my kitchen : 

No one says you can’t mix styles and as long as you love it, it is all it matters!

I realize after writing this list that I have a preference for modern over pure traditional.

Good luck with your home decoration adventures.

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