Master Bedroom Update – Moodboard + Upcoming plans

Our bedroom has been intentionally left pretty blank but I am getting around in adding some more love to it by decorating it with a few curated finds and some specific DIY as well.

It was the first room we renovated when we moved in. It is painted Farrow & Ball Elephant’s Breath. We added a silver carpet: Cormar Soft Focus – Starlight. A Few months later, The His & Hers Pax wardrobe were added.

Some furniture here were brought from our previous place like the make-up table and mirror. However whereas I am all for reusing furniture, I feel like the mirror isn’t a good fit in this room so I am planning to sell it and find a replacement eventually. It is a very good mirror with lots of bulb lights, the Hollywood backstage type of mirror so I’m hopeful it will find a buyer quickly.

You may have detected our love for period features if not feel free to have a look at this blog post: How to Create Architectural Wall Panels/Moldings – A step-by-step DIY Tutorial. In this room, there was already a small cornice so we wanted to add a pretty ceiling rose that will complement our light fixture. Now there is a story about that; mostly down to the fact we didn’t know much about ceiling roses (and period homes!), we bought a beautiful victorian plaster ceiling rose at the time we were painting the room, which cost us I think about GBP46 at a specialist plaster retailer. Can’t remember if we talked about installation fees at that stage, I think we were explained we could do it but it was a two person job. Shortly after getting it, I phoned them up and asked how much it was for fitting one rose and was told “GBP160 + vat”, so either the job of installing one ceiling rose was too small for them and he just sent me to go for a walk or that was the minimum cost of labour cause “this is London love”. Therefore we haven’t gotten around to fit it yet (the shame, it’s been like 18 months). Anyhow, turns out that we will install it ourselves with the help of youtube vids and our electrician (plaster professionals if you are reading this, #sorrynotsorry and whereas we will probably be back for more pretty roses, it is fair to say we aren’t too much of the housebuilder type and even if we currently live in London, we haven’t won the lottery. #rantover). I am so looking forward to see the rose up!! Cannot wait. 🙂

The Moodboard

I want the room to feel: uncluttered, bright, comfortable, minimalist, elegant and modern.

Keeping the existing paint color and flooring. Not planning a full makeover because we painted it less than 2 years ago so I feel like I need to keep it for a bit more.

For me, a bedroom needs to be as functional as beautiful so in terms of functionality we will retain : the PAX wardrobes, the make-up table, and our laundry basket. I have a very simple shelf as a bedside table and will retain that too.

Enough chit-chat here is the moodboard :

To be continued…