Kitchen Window styling Idea : create a green wall for privacy

When it comes to adding privacy to windows, we often think about blinds or curtains but why not using green plants to add privacy instead?

I wanted a simple way to add privacy and I also really like to have lots of plants in the house. It seems a good idea as there is also a little bit of space in between the splashback and the window to add some plants.

Benefits of a green wall in your kitchen:

– Better air quality

– Privacy garantee

– No need to open & close blinds

– No drill or diy needed

– Suits any type of interior

– Proximity of Kitchen sink humidity is good for most plants

– Easy to remember to water plants if they are near a water source

– Looking after plants could be a daily exercice of mindfulness.

How to do it ?

It will depends on your window but for us we needed small plants about 30cm heigh. We added 3 to 4 per planter.

I selected a few planters here in white. I am thinking about spray painting them in black so that it match the worktop and window details haven’t fully decided on that.

I am pleased that no one can see our whereabouts in the kitchen anymore and I am loving looking at the plants. I just hope they’ll survive for a while.



Really happy with them!