How To Use Anger And Frustration To Declutter Your Home

So I am writing about my own experience but perhaps this will give some inspiration to you too if you are looking to declutter your space and are looking for tips to actually put it in action.

“The First Step In Creating The Life You Want Is To Get Rid Of Everything You Don’t. ” – Joshua Becker

How to use anger to declutter your home Ideas mindful home

I find decluttering very calming and I noticed, it immediately works in giving me a feeling of freedom from emotional baggage. I find content in letting go and repurposing items that no longer serve me.

It doesn’t have to be a dreadful task! Let me explain.

What best way of letting go by getting rid of objects that don’t serve a purpose anymore or remind you of a time who’s gone and never coming back to focus more on the present? It is a great exercise of mindfulness as well and way cheaper than therapy.

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“If You Can Organize Your Kitchen, You Can Organise Your Life” – Louis Parrish

Decluterring to be more present

I found I often feel frustrated and sad looking at old objects I don’t have a use for that remind me of past happy times. Why would I want to feel like that every time I come across those objects? Anyone else? Wouldn’t be better to let them go and be thankful they lived their purpose.

Imagine a cluttered living room with exposed items everywhere, and now imagine the same space with just the items you need, doesn’t that strike you more appealing? In which space would you enjoy living the present moment in?

Disclaimer: Things I won’t ever declutter are beautiful family albums and family little gifts that are of quality and have a history. I treasure the few I have. And also it’s never about having a small number of items or deprivation, it is about surrounding yourself with what you need and love.

Feel no shame in decluttering.

“Oh I got this as a gift, I feel it would be betraying the person that gave it to me if I chuck it away”. First of all, the person who gave it to you probably forgot about it and this is not about them, it is about your home and your mental health. Then actually if you feel like that you probably should declutter it because 1/ sounds like it is carrying emotional baggage 2/ If you don’t need it or don’t love it, it is clutter.

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The decluttering with anger process

Here is what I do and it takes two-step.

Step 1 –

  • When you are angry (for whatever reasons) take a trash bag and go through either one of the following:

– Your Closet,

– Your Make-up

– Your Storage boxes,

– Your Kitchen cabinets

– Office Cabinets etc…

and just instinctively throw away the object belonging in the past: aren’t working properly, have holes in them, you haven’t used in a long time etc… You probably want to focus on one area at a time. Think about releasing the anger by adding the old item in the bag and kissing it goodbye. “I choose to live in my present and I look up to the future” is a good mantra to have in mind.

That is it. Stop when you feel like the anger has passed. Usually, it is no more than 10 minutes.

Step 2 –

Perhaps not on the same day – you don’t want to feel emotional for that step. Go back to the bag and sort it like you would do if you would about to dispose of it:

  • Recycle
  • Donate
  • Bin
  • Resell

Also if you bin some stuff that aren’t yours, remember to ask the owner if that is ok.

You can reassess the entire bin bag if you really want. You may now somehow think of another use for it (remember you’ll need to use it, if not it is just clutter with a different shape!) or someone you know who might benefit from it etc. However, more often than not, the answer is just declutter it. Otherwise next time you’ll do a decluttering with anger spree you will put the object again in the bin bag!

Also I must say do not put the bag in the loft or the garage! That would be pointless. You need it out of the home and with the items on their way to a better life!

Fireplace Grey walls How to use anger to declutter your home  Ideas mindful home
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And here you have it: how to use anger to declutter your home. I’d love to know if you think about trying that? And if you have some stories to share. I’d love to hear about them.