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This blog post is a review of How to Add Art to Your Home with I am excited to share a special PROMO CODE with my readers to get 15% OFF on your First order : ART-NYVGG

Disclaimer: The small below painting was gifted as compensation for this blog post but all views and words are mine.

Why adding art to your home?

Art is universal. Art can be anything. There is something for everyone. Being creative and artistic is one of the key characteristics of being a human being. Looking at art can make us reflective of past time. Art can also be very modern and abstract. Ultimately it dresses our walls in a style that we prefer: Elegant, Funny, Traditional, or highlights a Special Place or Culture.

So in a nutshell, adding art to your space can bring character and personality into your room decoration. Especially in a world where a lot of us choose to buy off-the-shelf and easy to assemble furniture, adding art brings a more human dimension to a room decor.

Finding art that suits your style

Buying art online doesn’t have to be complicated, tedious or an obscure activity aimed at art connoisseur. I was pleased when Artfinder contacted me for me to try their web-shop and comment on my experience.

The website allows you to browse the catalogue by keywords, artist, or by type of Artwork. These can be Painting, Photographs, Sculpture, Drawings, Digital Art. Within each Artwork type, there are criteria to help you refine the selection. For example Colour or Painting Type: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, etc. Alternatively, if you aren’t sure about the type of art you want, you can filter by:

  • Style: Abstract, Impressionism, Expressive and Gestural, Graphic, Surrealism, Urban & pop, Naive
  • Subject: Abstract, Animal & Birds, Architecture, Flowers & Plants, Landscape, sea and sky, People & Portrait, Still Life
  • But also, Size, Artist Location, Free Shipment, etc

It is easy to spend hours looking for a piece of art. There are thousands of artworks to choose from.

One thing I liked on the website, is the fact you can add pieces to a favourite folder. If you like something but can’t buy it just yet or are not sure where to hang the art; it is easy to find it again at a later date. To see my favourites Click Here

Click Here to See my favourites – Source:
Commission Your Own Personalised Art

Another interesting thing but I didn’t get to try that: The website gives you the option to commission your own piece of art. Choose from any artist (providing the artist offers commissioned art pieces). This means if you see a just sold-out piece, or need something in a specific format, an artist could create this just for you.

What I got from the website

I wanted to add a little art piece in our small bathroom to fit a specific space near our sink. Therefore I looked for small size portrait, with the colours blue, white and black which match the colours of the bathroom and with the theme “landscape sea and sky” eventually I found this little painting.

It is called “Grey day boat at Sea (2019)” from UK-based Artist Theresa Tanner. It is an Oil painting. I placed the order and two days later I received it. I am really happy with it and I like the way it brings something interesting to my minimal modern bathroom yet remains quite discrete.

It is a dear scene to me as it reminds me when I was a child. The moments spent looking at the faraway ships on the Atlantic ocean horizon with my dad’s binocular during summer holidays. So for me it is a very peaceful painting to look at.

Not sure if I was particularly lucky but it arrived very quickly and well-packaged
Hanging it up

If you liked this article and want to give a go at getting some art for your home, don’t forget to scroll up to find a promo code valid on your first order!

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Marlene x