8 Ways to Styling Around Wellbeing for Outdoor and Indoor Spaces – With Habitat (ad)

Today’s blog post is focused on styling around wellbeing at home and I’m sharing a few ideas to decorate your space with your mental health in mind. In collaboration with Habitat.

This blog post is focused on styling an Outdoor/Indoor space and its own positive qualities when it comes to contributing and balancing our mental health.

If you don’t have an outdoor space, please simply jump to the indoor section “Indoor section”.

Styling Your Outdoor Space
1. Make the most of sunny days by having lunch outside

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It easy to work at a screen for hours without taking breaks. Likewise, it is easy to have conference calls one after the other and forget about lunch or short breaks. Our modern world can be very demanding. Nonetheless, it is important to give yourself the same breaks as you would have in an office by taking a 45min lunch break and why not doing it outside. You will recharge and get some fresh air and Vitamine D from the sunshine.

There is a reason why we love picnics in the parks and whereas it is not always possible to go to a park, stepping to one’s outdoor area is a much more convenient and quicker solution. Take plates and cutlery with you and you are set. Garden Furniture is a good investment to style around wellbeing if you have an outdoor space. Select your Garden Furniture so you have a place to seat and place chinaware. The OLMO Natural plates have got a lovely shine and glaze to them.

2. Take breaks outside by taking a hot beverage and reading outdoors

Another idea to styling around wellbeing is to use your outdoor space to take breaks. Use the same area but instead, completely switch off by reading a magazine, listening to an audiobook while enjoying a hot beverage. If the sunsets, you can always add candlelight to your break with DRAKE Cane Lantern.

3. Add some additional greenery

Styling with greeneries has a great positive impact on your wellbeing. Plants are alive and give us the oxygen we need to breathe. They impact on our mood and keep us in touch with nature. If you are not the Garden DIYer type, it is easy to create your own oasis by decorating using different size Garden planters and placing them next to each other.

4. Choose Versatile Furniture

I love using furniture that can answer more than one function. Due to space restriction in our home and also because I like minimalism, I would rather possess fewer items that do more than one thing than many items that do one thing only. Here the MILTON garden stool is perfect to use as additional seating when necessary. It can also be used as a side plant pot display area, or when we use the barbecue, it can also be used as a side table. Styling around wellbeing is about making the most of your space too.

Styling Your Indoor Space
5. Declutter Your Space

Inside the home, one important thing for wellbeing is to minimize clutter and unnecessary items. Putting aside just 10 minutes a day to tidy-up your living room can make sure it is always free of clutter when you want to use it. It is also soothing to see a neat and organized place as opposed to a messy room.

6. Do Something Creative

I’ve been loving spending more time baking and cooking and trying new recipes, cakes and treats. Baking and cooking are a fantastic ways to relieve your mind from everyday work and chores. Cooking is no different than creating art as it is a very creative process and at the end of it, you created something! Sometimes we think cooking for others is a reason to start taking the pans out the cabinets, but cooking for yourself could be just as rewarding and an act of self-care!  Using nice plates like the OLMO Plates to serve your new creation will make the experience even more rewarding.  

7. Find a Convenient space to Exercice

Organising your space so that you can do some physical exercise at home has its benefits. I recently had a real look at my living room space and realised how some furniture was too bulky for the space. Taking the yoga mat out meant I had to move a few furniture pieces around and honestly I gave up few exercise sessions purely because of that. It made me realized that I could benefit from having more petite-sized furniture that would fulfil the same function and give me some space to move around more freely. It also allows me to put down a Yoga mat at the fraction of the time! I will keep the Boru Coffee Table in the living room for now. I really like the fact that this table can be used for indoors and outdoors.

8. Create a Quiet Corner

Finally, take a break from the noise inside your home by creating a little retreat for yourself. We love our family and friends but sometimes we do each other good by just enjoying our own company inside the home as well. Noises and sounds can be disruptive so your corner will need to be in a room you can close the door behind. Ideally by a window so you can benefit from seeing the sky or having nice natural light coming in. Add a nice LINEN blanket and you are set!

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Hope you enjoyed this blog post !

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