6 Simple Ways to Add Value To Your Home

How we value a place is a great deal based on how it makes us feel. Being interior obsessed, and a first-time homeowner, now almost three years down the road from purchasing our fixer-upper period property means I can confidently say these are game-changer ways to improve the value of any home.

Homeowners and renters can take inspiration from these and transform a shabby home by adding a “je-ne-sais-quoi” to making your home feel more valuable.

Without further ado… find here 6 Simple Ways to Add value to your home.

  1. Change Light Switches
  2. Update your Front Door
  3. Update your Window with Bespoke Roman Blinds
  4. Change Light Pendants
  5. Paint Your Walls in White
  6. Add a few pieces of Vintage or Designer furniture.

There is no need to be a master DIY or have tons of free time to achieve these. Set up a budget, make a mood-board, find what you need and let a contractor do the work for you.

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1. Change Light Switches

You don’t have to keep living with cheap plastic white light switches like so many of us do. Why not update your current light switch with designer ones? It’s an easy retrofit project under a few hundreds of pounds (providing you don’t live in a castle).

Use materials and a design that fits into your overall decor. Choose between metal, ceramic, plastic for the finish. The standard square shape or an adventurous round design.

2. Update your Front Door (Paint + Door Furniture)

An easy way to improve your home’s curb appeal is by painting your door and frame, and tidy up any chipped masonry work in the front of your house.

Click here to find out how I restored my own front entrance. Painting your front door can be a DIY project done over a weekend. Just make sure the weather doesn’t forecast rain. Current trends for door colours include shades of blue-greens, beiges, yellow, black and navy blues. An elegant door furniture complement a fresh new lick of paint. If you have old locks and spare budget why not update them with new locks?

Now the finish is just as important as the colour. Eggshell has a low sheen almost matt and looks modern and sophisticated. Full-gloss has this gorgeous more traditional shine, working particularly well on striking yellows, reds or blues. One point to remember nonetheless is that a full-gloss finish is less forgivable to surface imperfections. Do you have a UPVC door? No problem, some specific paints, like Frenchic Paint Al-fresco range, work on uPVC . Check out their socials for completed project examples.

3. Update Old Curtains with Bespoke Roman Blinds with a metal chain

Hum no, I don’t think I have a “blind fetish”. Nonetheless, isn’t there something quite unique about operating a blind with a strong metal chain? As opposed to a flimsy white plastic chain (you’ll have to experience to see exactly what I mean). Roman blinds are uniquely timeless and elegant and work very well on traditional sash windows.

Use a Blackout or Sheer fabric depending on where you use it. It is possible to “double-blind” your roman blind with a sheer rolling blind to add privacy. When it comes to Window Coverings, high-quality fabric and an easy operating system (i.e the metal chain I referred earlier) makes a world of difference and will make a room look tens time chicer and put together. Every custom blind will perhaps cost a couple of hundreds of pounds but they are typically cheaper and easier to replace than plantation shutters so why not consider it an option for a Living Room or a Bedroom? Sheer roman blinds are also a favourite in the kitchen.

4. Change light pendants

Changing light pendants can totally add sophistication to a room. These will give you some inspiration for modern style homes. (privacy policy)

5. Paint Your Walls White

A great starting point to refresh the look of a room is simply by painting (or re-painting!) it in white. It will instantly look better. It is as simple as that. There are many whites to choose from so don’t hesitate to order a few paint sample cards and verify how the white looks in your room with the existing flooring and furniture. Colour can look different depending on how the light shines on it so I always recommend to narrow the options down with the sample cards and purchase a couple of paint sample and paint a few swatches on paper, cardboard, or MDF planks and see how they look on each wall. Depending on the size and the number of rooms, this type of project will cost one hundred pounds or more.

6. Add Vintage or Designer furniture.

Like the fashion or trainers addict have their most wanted pair of stilettos or hoop trainers; the interior addict will have its highly coveted designer furniture pieces. Here are some of my inspiration.
The key here is to pick furniture made with high-quality material with state-of-the-art craftsmanship. High-end Materials include Carrera marble, polished or antique metals, tempered glass, and solid wood oak.

I personally like to know the furniture is made from sustainable sources, easily renewable, and durable.

And this completes the roundup! Hope you liked the selection!

Oh-hello! If you need one-to-one support for your project, why not check my e-design services page? I create design packages based on your preferences for a stress-free experience and consistent look.