A Lisbon Guide – Some great places to visit

Lisbon is a beautiful city to explore. Here are the great places I visited during my last trip to Lisbon in our recent summer holidays. Every time I am in Lisbon is only for a couple of days and there is always a reason to return and explore more. The first time I went to Lisbon was in Dec 2014 for a work trip for the annual end of year conference and I remember the weather to be better than in London (dry and 15 degrees) and the hotel stay quality was very good (ok we did stay at a 5 star hotel (epic sana hotel) so there was that), but it did give me a great taster to go back there. I hope you will discover some new and unpredictable places selected around cultural interest, good food, and homeware shopping, plus the hotel below isn’t bad either.

Picture Spots / Places to visit

Literally everywhere in the old town will inspire you to take a few pictures. You will benefit from having your camera and a spare battery with you at all times.


Modern Art Museum  – Coleção Berardo

Museu Coleção Berardo 
Praça do Império
1449-003 Lisboa, Portugal

Great selection of Contemporary art with an impressive Cork-made sculpture outside. You can expect to find great names like Andy Warhol, Miro, Modigliani, Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso. Salvador Dalí,  Francis Bacon, Maria Helena Vieira da Helena Silva and Helena Almeida.

Notable Shops

Roof Design Studio
Rua Nova do Almada n.1
1200-288 LISBOA
Instagram / Website

Gorgeous Showroom in the center of Lisbon. Will inspire you to redecorate your home. I liked the scarabees and the wood table below. The geometric frame is also gorgeous, they offer it in several colours.

The ROOF Design Studio Showroom is open to public

Natura Selection , their instagram
C.C.Armazens Do Chiado, Lj 4.06 Rua Do Carmo, 2,
1200-094 Lisboa, Portugal

Natura Selection is an High-Street shop that you can find in several Shopping Centre across the country and there is one in the Chiado center. I like their nature and eco-friendly vibes and I am always attracted by the incense smell. I would recommend if you are looking for something to relax like essential oils, oil diffusers, natural fabric clothes, etc. Check out their Instagram for inspiration.

Image credits: natura selection



Brunch Cafe
Rua da Alfândega 120,
1100-016 Lisboa, Portugal

I have on a previous visit been to the Nicolau Cafe,  the local insta-worthy cafe, which was really good and I wanted to repeat the experience, however, this time the queue was just too long and we were pressed by time so we looked for an alternative and found this place. The ambiance wasn’t as cool but the food was very nice and only 5min walk from Nicolau so overall I would recommend it. The menu is made out of pictures of plates with description and whereas it may sound tacky, this type of convenience while abroad is welcome especially when you are still tired from the night and/or hungry – You know because we went to a Music Festival the night before! –

Asian Restaurant Bao Boa, their Instagram
 Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro 30,
1200-108 Lisboa

We had dinner there. I know we are in Portugal – the land of delicious fish and seafood – and yet we are having Asian food which London does beautifully already. Well yes, sometimes your craving for a Chicken Green Curry and coconut rice also happens while on holiday (guilty). This one was yummy as well. Also guilty for a local version of Piña Colada.

Time Out Market, Lisbon – Food hall
Their Instagram.
Av. 24 de Julho 49,
1200-479 Lisboa, Portugal

On our way back from Belem, we stopped at Cais do Saldre and went to Time Out Market Lisbon for a stroll. Once a historical market hall, Time Out Portugal editors turned the building into a curated food hall with a total of 24 restaurants rooted wholly in editorial curation. I mean this must be good right?
This was a beautiful surprise discovered by my boyfriend – It is not because you are on holiday that the “what is for dinner” trivial question stops right? Whereas I can be skeptical of his culinary choice (I can be difficult with food, there I said it), this was a great choice! We went for Artisan or as Timeout says “Curated” Pizza, and I had porcini mushrooms with truffle oil pizza. It was a bit pricey – think it is the most expensive I ever paid for Pizza (18 euros) but it was so yummy. To be honest, it is under the umbrella of Timeout so I guess they know a thing or two about good quality food and entertainment. Definitely worth a visit.

Music Festival – Nos Alive

12th, 13rd, 14th of July 2018
Passeio Maritimo do Alges

We went to the music festival called Nos Alive for two days (while we stayed in center Lisbon). We saw bands we love. The location was a 20min train ride away from Cais Do Saldre. There were many food stalls, only point to improve was that there was only one type of beer available throughout the festival: Sagres, a bit more choice would have been good. The vibe was fun, cool and trendy. Favorite bands: Queens of the Stone Age, Chvrches, Arctic Monkeys.


Vincci Baixa– 4* hotel
Their Instagram
R. do Comércio 32-38,

1100-150 Lisboa, Portugal

Self-described as a boutique hotel, Vincci Baixa is a designer-led contemporary hotel with a few traditional touches.

The location of this hotel was everything, only a two-minute walk to the seaside and the historical landmark Praça do Comércio.  I will take out the history about how our initial private apartment reservation fell through and we had no place to stay until 8 pm, needless to say, that this hotel which we found very last minute has been a lifesaver and I think I am now forever a pro-hotel stay person…



Photo credits: Unless specified under the pictures, all pictures are mine.

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