A 100% Linen Tablecloth and Kitchen Apron product review – From IconicLinen

Soft furnishing and home bedding made of linen fabric have become more and more popular in recent years with more companies starting selling linen-only collections for the homeware space, is it really worth it or is it another home trend that will disappear very shortly? I am doing a product review from Iconic Linen today.

What is Linen?

Linen is a premium fabric made from flax fiber, known for more than 4000 years and generally speaking expensive because its production cost is far higher than other fabrics. As a result, to bring some of the linen benefits to more people, manufacturers have produced products carrying a mix of linen with other other materials. However, I found there is no mix quite as good as 100 % linen! I can vouch for that because my existing tablecloth has a mix of 52% Linen and 48% cotton and it is not as soft and malleable as the 100% linen tablecloth I reviewed from IconicLinen.

Benefits of 100% Linen goods I discovered and want to share here :

  • Linen is known for its anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial qualities. Many recent studies showed that linen improves sleep, stimulates blood flow. It is good for your hair and skin as it absorbs excess moisture while you sleep. It is good for people with skin sensibilities and children.
  • Linen is made of natural flax fiber, there are no animal products in it at all and vegans and vegetarians will appreciate wearing and having it in their home. (note: other fabrics like silk, wool, and leather are made from derivated animal products)
  • Linen bedding is said to be relaxing thanks to the light massaging effect caused by the nature of its fabric surface
  • Very breathable fabric, able to regulate the body’s temperature – so you can feel warm in winter and cool in the summer.
  • Linen gets softer with every wash and continues to soften over time.
  • Linen is a lot more durable than cotton so ideal for bedding that lasts longer


A small independent brand on the rise, shipping worldwide

This new independent brand is very interesting and their positioning is to bring beautifully created linen products to people looking for high-quality products made by passionate craftsmen at an affordable price tag and while being eco-conscious (that is quite a lot!) Those caring about how products are manufactured will appreciate what is to follow:  First, Iconic Linen reports they only use Oeko-Tex certified fabrics that are natural and chemical free. They also produce their linen from 100% European Flax (it goes without saying that buying locally produced raw material saves the transport pollution usually created when sourcing products from places further afield). Iconic Linen is based in Lithuania, a country notorious for its skilled craftsmen and a century’s worth of sewing traditions.

White Linen Bedding Set– Picture credit : IconicLinen

Simply 100% stonewashed linen

It is easy to understand what they offer when everything is 100% linen, the same fabric and quality is expected throughout their different bedding, table and kitchen collections. There are many colors and sizes to choose from. I would say the colours are both classic and modern. I only saw the light grey and the green but I would also be curious about the natural linen, click here. Additionally, worth mentioning too is that they can also provide linen fabric by the meter which could be useful for all the DIYers out there!

Natural Linen Tablecloth – Image credit : IconicLinen

The Grey Table Cloth – Click here

So apparently Linen do not need ironing and its organic messy look should be embraced instead but I didn’t realize it was a thing and actually steam-iron it out immediately (oops). I notice the fabric got softer and more malleable after that so no regrets. Retail price depends on size but starts just under £65 for 140 x 140 cm.

Care instructions: Machine wash up to 40 degrees Celsius. Tumble dry low heat. Do not bleach. Iron medium heat

My dining room table with IconicLinen 100% Linen Tablecloth


The Green Kitchen Apron – Click here

Having a pretty apron means it doesn’t have to hide in a cupboard

This is a one-size fits all Kitchen Apron which is quite common with aprons. The style is classic but I found the green colour to be quite modern. I am petite so I can either tie a knot at the collar level or fold it back at the waist and tied it up, it is not a problem and the coverage is good as it covered down to below the knees. Bring on the flour and liquid spills! The retail price for this item is under £35 making it affordable for a 100% linen apron.

Picture credit: IconicLinen

In a nutshell, those products are really good quality,  look very pretty and I really think they will last a long time. I do think linen products are worth the investment for bedding and home linen and wish I could have more of it. I will likely use the items again as they look great on pictures too!

If you are interested but not sure about which colour, you can order linen fabric sample swatches: Click Here

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(Disclaimer: To create this blog post, the tablecloth and kitchen apron on this page were gifted. However editorial content and words are mine, additionally, I will only write about products I enjoyed using. No affiliate links used here)