Top 5 Ideas – How to Add Carrara Marble to a Bathroom Project

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Today’s blog post is about giving you a few ideas with places and products to consider if you are looking to reproduce a marble look in a bathroom project. The inspiration of this blog post is from a recent hotel stay where we had a full-marble bathroom which could as well be a few decades old but looked gorgeous.

Carrara marble is timeless, and transcends fashion. It is a classic elegant choice that I don’t think age at all and could suit any interior.

Now, the ideal is to have treated polished marble slabs designed specifically to your bathroom dimension. Whereas it is very durable, and beautiful it is also extremely expensive and not so easy to source (only via marble retailers) so it led me to look for some alternative to create an all-marble bathroom look or add marble detail to a bathroom.

What is also beautiful about real marble is the fact there is no two slabs similar. Like a painting it creates a unique picture and as a result feels less copy-paste than a typical marble-effect tile because it is not mass-produced with a limited amount of print variety.

Real carrara marble can even be repaired as you can see for instance from the picture below. The repaired slab even gives out more charm (perhaps just my opinion).

A crack in carrara marble can be repaired with same colour grout and give an authentic aged look

Let’s see the 5 options in detail…

1. Get a Vanity Countertop Made in Real-Marble Material

There are many bathroom furniture offering marble tops available and it will depend on the style of furniture/bathroom you like. I selected this one because I find it beautiful. It is inspired by Art Deco and Bauhaus style. On top is a surface mounted wash-basin with a faceted ceramic. (please note, I used to work for this brand in the past, it is how I got across these products, not getting any money from them anymore though)

Details of the marble worktop and the faceted details of the ceramic wash-basin (Antheus from Villeroy&Boch)
Marble top featured on top of an art deco inspired vanity (Antheus from Villeroy&Boch)

2. Select a Sink Made Out of Marble Material

This is a more subtle and definitely an elegant option to add marble detail to a bathroom. It is an expensive option and you will need to be careful with the type of liquid that you would pour down the sink. I’d probably avoid putting this type of wash basin in a rental property in fear of a possible heart attack at the end of every tenancy…

Designed by antoniolupi and available at
Designed by antoniolupi and available at

3. Select a Custom-made Washbasin Vanity Made out of Lookalike Carrara Marble

This idea perhaps need to involve a professional bathroom or kitchen retailer that help you design a surface that matches your room and the type of washbasin you will be going for typically under-mounted ones (same as the hotel picture above) or table-mounted (same as below picture) and liaise with the supplier for delivery and installation. Not an off-the-shelf solution!

5111 Statuatio Nuvo – Caesarstone
5031 Statuario Maximus – Caesarstone

4. Marble-looking Ceramic Tiles

A more affordable option is going for mosaic tiles with a Carrara marble design. Ideal for a backsplash (beautiful in a small loo!), a wall or like below as main bathroom flooring. Always check the tile finish and if it is suitable for bathroom floors to avoid a slippering accident… refer to the manufacturer directives.

Long Island Marble Herringbone tiles from

Otherwise, you could select a large size for flooring and walls tile with the following options:

Misty Fjord Tiles in 61×30.5cm from
Marmo Chic tile look like polished marble – by Villeroy & Boch
A full-marble look bathroom made with ceramic tiles – different sizes available to suit different configuration

5. Marble-effect Bathroom Decoration Items

To finish with the last idea to add Marble to your bathroom project. These collections of bathroom accessories will give a little je-ne-sais-quoi elegance to your bathroom. This could be the most affordable option.

Classic Collection – H&M Home
Marble-effect Bathroom set – Zara Home

Hope you enjoyed this article.

Do you think marble could look good in your bathroom?

Feel free to share it with someone looking for ideas to add timeless elegance to a bathroom.

Further reading about Pink Portuguese Marble from a UK marble retailer here: and

Image credits: Courtesy of the brands mentioned in the caption. The first three pictures are mine (hotel stay).