Top 15 Interiors & Style Magazines for Design Seekers

Hello Home Lovers,

How does the idea of spending more quality time offline sound to you? And what about discovering new ideas for Interior Decors, and lifestyle while doing so? Then perhaps one or more of these magazines are for you.

Inspiring Magazines

These inspiring magazines are perfect for a relaxing moment of page flicking and image watching that does not require you to double-tap on a picture.

An opportunity to unwind

Usually, as a typical millennial, if I want to know something, I search it online which takes me two seconds. Magazines are a lot different than an internet search based on specific keywords and a bowl of fresh air to be honest.

You don’t really know what you are going to find in them, but as long as you like the editorial position of the said magazine, it is likely you will discover new ideas.

I don’t think that wandering is a bad thing. It can allow you to unwind at the end of a busy day or week.

Selection of 15 Interiors and Style Magazines

These magazines have either a bi-yearly / season / monthly issues, please check links for further information.

  1. Cereal – biannual, travel & style magazine based in the United Kingdom
  2. Kinfolk – Copenhagen-based magazine focusing on home, work, style culture
  3. RUM – Focusing on Scandinavian style, design, and architecture
  4. enki – UK based magazine focus on design and architecture
  5. Design Anthology – Hong-kong-based interiors, design, architecture and urban living magazine
  6. Attitude Interior Design Magazine – Interiors, Architecture, Design, and Lifestyle, distributed worldwide and based in Porto, Portugal
  7. koel – Yarn and Interior Decor Magazine
  8. Unconditional – A Fashion and Lifestyle magazine focusing on women worldwide
  9. Supplement – UK magazine focus on curating contemporary culture
  10. 91 magazine – UK-based independent interiors and lifestyle
  11. Milk Decoration – French magazine on Interior Decor, lifestyle and art
  12. Minimalissimo – Focusing on minimalist design aiming to showcase the finest in architecture, fashion, furniture, and product design
  13. Elle Decoration UK – Britain’s most stylish and sophisticated contemporary homes magazine
  14. Considered – bi-annual sustainable and mindful lifestyle and travel magazine
  15. Ark Journal – Copenhagen-based Interiors, design, architecture and art

Thank you for reading, what do you think about this list?

Hope you enjoyed it!