Home Office Decor Design – £3000+ Budget Pack



Peace of mind when it comes to creating your home office. Know the decor will nicely fit in your home thanks to bespoke 3D drawings made for you.
A pack designed with a £3000 value of furniture and office equipment:

Includes (to be tailored to your needs within budget):
  • Furniture:
    • An Ergonomic Office Chair with height-adjustable, armrests from a premium brand
    • Desk with high adjustable or premium material
    • Storage
  • IT:
    • Wireless Keyboard + Mouse
    • Extra Computer Screen
    • A4/A3 Colour Printer
  • Comfort:
    • Keyboard pad,
    • Table Lamp,
    • Desk Fan
  • Deco pack:
    • Posters,
    • Small plant,
    • Stationary: scissor, pen, pencil, sharpener, glue eraser, A4 and A5 notepads, paper bin
  • Service: Design & Supply
      • The design includes Product Specification + 3D Spacial Room Design.
      • The Supply includes Sourcing for best prices and delivery lead-times, ordering and delivery at the address of your choice.

You only pay 15% of value upfront (300 GBP), 65% at design sign-off and order placement, remaining 20% upon reception of the goods. The guarantee of the manufacturer will apply.


See examples of 3000£ value pack below. See other packs for different budget.

Office Decor Set up Home

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