Making Your Home “working friendly” [Collab w/Muji]

The Spring 2020 lockdown reshuffled our home habits in many ways.  One of them is having two people working from home with different working styles. For instance, I like a quiet working area as my creative work is heavily computer-based requiring attention to detail.  Whereas my partner needs to be on the phone or videocalls for most of the day. At the beginning, I just left him to the office room and started invading the dining room table but soon I realise that I needed to bring a more permanent form of organisation to this room too. It would need to be simple, functional and yet stylish. That’s, where Muji range of home organisation and pared-back stationery, came into play! 

Disclaimer: This blog post is a collaboration with Muji. All views, photography* and product selection were my own. I have been gifted the items to produce content around them.

*with the exception of the products cut-outs.

Repurposing a Dining bench into Open Storage

I converted the dining bench into a storage area with the discrete PP Drawers in grey. It allows me to store stationery, fabric samples, paper, shipment supplies, etc away. These drawers are stackable so I can add more if my needs change! The A4 Craft Cardboard Magazine Holders allowed me to hide the interior magazines and books I use for inspiration yet make them easy to reach. The large Circular Fan White allows me to have a comfortable breeze of airflow when I am working on the computer while remaining very silent thanks to its low noise design. It is my current favourite Office Must-have!

The dining bench is now an open storage area for my new working area !
  • PP Drawer Muji a4
  • PP Drawer Unit A4 White 26x37x17.5cm
  • A4 26x37x9 PP Drawer units White Grey
  • Muji home organisation desk area bench A4 Craft Angle File Magazine Holders - 5 Pack
  • Organisation at Home Muji Rattan Basket with Handle 15x22x9cm
  • Muji silent circular fan organisation desk area office working from home

Desk Area

In order to bring wellbeing into play, I chose a Circular Fan White which is by far the more stylish I’ve seen and extremely quiet! An Unglazed Ceramic Stone diffusing a subtle essential oil smell is placed on my desk. Keeping my mood uplifted during working hours. The stationary like the ABS Stapler , White 12-Digit Calculator has a petite size and minimalist design which fits nicely into my decor. I like white stationery in general as the colour disappears on my desk and as a result, doesn’t feel so messy even when I have most of them on the desk.

Storage cabinet

The storage cabinet was also in need of a little clean up so I used the PP Drawers and rattan baskets to separate areas. The cabinet looks neater and I can access what I need much faster. Maybe one day I’ll think about adding some name tags but for now, this is working perfectly for me! Thank you Muji!

PP Drawer Muji Styling Living Room Ivar Ikea Cabinet organisation home wfh 2

Summary of Items Styled Above: