Planning Tips: Making a Home Renovation Timeline like a Pro

When your home needs a bit more than “a lick of paint , where do you start ?

Ever wondered what comes first ? Installing a new flooring or replastering the walls? Keep reading to find out.

This is a problem I faced head-on when we got the keys of our first property (see pic below), so when I worked at an Interior Design Studio, I particularly was curious about the Home Renovation Timeline.

What is a Home Renovation Timeline ?

It is part of the project management tools used by contractors to deliver a smooth Home Renovation Project. I learned that making traders work seamlessly as a team is key and all down to good project management! This experience together with my Interior Design studies at KLC Design School, led me to create the Home Renovation Timeline document below. Hope you’ll find it interesting!

3D rendering of modern kitchen. This virtual design is created during the “Design & Planning Stage”.
Define Your Role

When you are planning a home renovation and have defined what your requirements are. You can go three ways:

  1. Hire a Contractor (project manager/builder manager) to make your dreams come true. This is perhaps the most peaceful or stress-free option. The builder will hire the different traders for you (plasterer, tiler, painter, carpenter/joiner, plumber, electricians) for instance. He/she will create the Home Renovation Timeline and manage its delivery. They will manage their payroll with the traders and their work schedule, take care of waste management, and deliver a “turn-key” solution for you to simply enjoy your home once the project is completed.
  2. Act as your Own Contractor/Project Manager and hire different trades to eventually complete your home renovation. This will require a good understanding on how to work with traders. Good news! This timeline below is specially made for you!
  3. DIY your Home Renovation from A-to-Z. This is recommended if you ARE in the trade or know people who are in the trade, or are a crazy individual or couple (erm yes that does sound familiar) and think you can do it yourself. And I’m not here to judge! As long as you are patient and put a lot of hours in, you probably CAN achieve the home of your dreams. Do be careful with electricians/gaz work who typically needs to be carried out by certified professionals.
Ticking off completed stages

Whatever your preference, as a client, understanding the timeline of a Home Renovation will be beneficial. Especially if you plan to live in the house during the renovation works. First, knowing you are closer to the completion of the works is a relief! Secondly, ticking off completed stages is a great feeling!

Example of what NOT to do… Ceiling finishes should have happened at a much later stage of this Kitchen Renovation (and yes it’s my kitchen, you live you learn)

If you are at the planning stage and looking for ideas, why not hire mymindful home to create a bespoke room design for your home ? Check out our online design shop area for more info. Once your requirements are clear, and you have good drawings/room specification sheets; then you can shop around for a contractor/decorator to make your 2D/3D plans come to life.

Avoid Mistakes
A typical mistake homeowners do is replaster the walls too soon, and later decide they’d wanted an extra light fixture.
By understanding what comes first and what comes next, you’ll be better prepared to renovate your fixer-upper home.

I’m very excited to share a Home Renovation Timeline for you to use in your own projects.

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Home Renovation planning timeline
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