Ethical and Cruelty-free – Interview with House of Kind

It is a very exciting moment as I start a new series on this blog. The core idea behind these new posts is to spread the word about small business (for the moment!) who are choosing an ethical positioning as their backbone communication/marketing strategy and to see what they offer. Be kind is the new cool and I couldn’t be happier to learn that greater homeware and lifestyle products are being made available to an audience now looking for more meaning in their purchasing experiences.

Today we are having a chat with – Raina and Cat – owners of House of, an ethical and cruelty-free business

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1. “What is “HouseofKind”?”

An online store specialising in luxury homewares and accessories which are all beautiful, vegan and cruelty-free and kind in some way. Our mission is to spread kindness with every order and prove that being a conscious consumer doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style or quality.

2. “Who is “HouseofKind” for?”

@Cat: We are a vegan business and everything we stock is cruelty-free as well as being either ethically and sustainably sourced, charitable, or supporting talented artisans across the world. However, our site is not restricted to just vegans or eco-conscious consumers. We would say its for anyone and everyone looking for stylish homewares and accessories either for themselves or as the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Every time you shop with us, you are directly contributing to an act of kindness. 

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Image credit: House of Kind Boutique Categories

3. “Could you tell me a bit about the background of “HouseofKind“? When and How it all started?”

@Raina: Cat and I met many moons ago when we worked as buyers for a large retailer. We instantly struck up a friendship and despite moving off onto very different paths, we remained in touch. Last year, we caught up over brunch and both of us were looking for a change. Cat is a busy mum of two boys and I was still working in the city. We had both recognised the growth in conscious consumerism but yet the limited offer across homewares and accessories for ethical, sustainable cruelty-free products, which were also of high quality and design. And from that, HOK was born.

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Handmade cotton Cushion covers Credits:

4. “What do you think consumers behaviour is towards ethical brands or locally produced products?”

@Cat: There is a stigma associated with anything labelled as ethical or sustainable as being very basic, simple and lacking any style or trend. That is beginning to change. Knowing who and where products have come from, what has gone into making them and how the process impacts the planet, is becoming more important to consumers, as it should. Its great to see more people taking the time to understand this better and watching behaviours changing. We share all this info and more for every product we sell. 

5. “What would be for you a mindful home?” 

@Raina: For me, the energy in a home is so important. Our homes are our private sanctuary, where we can escape the everyday noise and challenges. It is so important to ensure your space makes you feel calm, grateful and stress-free. So whatever that is for you…do it! For me, its plants and candles! I love woods and trees (randomly!) and always have. So being surrounded by plants really reminds me of that and fills me with a lovely feeling. I also have certain plants in certain rooms as some produce more 02 than others so are better for when you sleep. And well, who doesn’t love a candle!? Scents can evoke so many memories and feelings, I am super particular about my candles but when I find one I love… I can’t get enough!

6. “What is next for “HouseofKind“, any exciting upcoming plans you’d like to share?

@Raina: So much to do, where do I start! 🙂 . The reaction to HOK since we launched has exceeded our expectations so we have a lot of exciting next steps and opportunities to work on; an office and warehouse, fulfilling orders worldwide, launching our own brand across multi products, increasing our breadth of range introducing new products and more kind brands, as well as linking up with many more charities.  And of course, continuing to spread kindness as much as we can!

I’ve selected a top 3 pick from the website as a taster to what you can expect on 1. these night bloom bathing salts make me want to have a bathtub again, 2. the Frida monochrome cushion is perfect eye-catching cushion your sofa has been missing, and finally, 3. these tiny ceramic bowls with a 22k gold detail would look beautiful on a make-up table or on a display shelf, don’t you think?
Thank you Raina and Cat for taking the time to talk about House of Kind!