Cat-proof Decor – 8 Beautiful Flower Vases That Won’t Break

Do you have a cat or a pet that has a passion for knocking off your beloved glass or ceramic vases? Well I do to. In about 18 months, I think my cat has broken about a demi-dozen vase. I honestly don’t understand why he is so obsessed with it, my other cat has zero interest in it!

As a result and because I don’t want to indulge him with more vases to break and I can’t live a life where I have to hide my vases from him all the time. I started to seek for an alternative material for vases and actually, it is not that easy to find! Hardwearing yet beautiful vases are hard to come-by.

Cats are adorable creatures but home needs to be cat-proof if you want to avoid surprises!

Here are the ones I found that are both cat-proof and nice on the eye.

How to look for more cat-proof vases ? Look for vases made in hardwearing materials that won’t break if knocked off from a table. Materials to consider: wood, bamboo, metal, stone like marble, plexiglass, resin, steel. These won’t typically break.

1. Light Beige Marble vase by H&M Home – £24,99 – click to buy
Marble vase is strong enough not to break if it falls down so not a problem with a curious pet!
2. Anais Contemporary Metal Vase – £50 – La Redoute – click to shop
Geometric vase inspired by 70’s style revival
3. Georg Jensen Henning Koppel Stainless Steel Vase – £59 – John Lewis – click to shop
Henning Koppel is available in small and large and makes a lovely design statement on a coffee table
4. Kubus Collection by Lassen Lacquered Metal – £135 – Shop here
Kubus Lolo Vase
5. Metal Green Vase by Bloomingville – £24 – Click to shop
The decorative texture could almost pass for stoneware but it is metal!
6. Margeaux stainless steel vase 20cm by Philippi – £79 – Click to shop
7. Ribbed Wood Vase by Maison du Monde – £44 – Click to shop
Use dry flowers in wood vases for a long lasting decor
8. Triu Silver 22cm by Rosenthal – £146 – Click to shop

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