A Coffee Lovers Mothers Day Gift Idea: Gooseneck Kettle & Coffee Dripper from Vonshef

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How do you like your coffee? Today’s blog post is an unboxing, and product review of some new coffee making gear.

On one side we have a Black 1L Gooseneck Kettle (£20.00 shop here) with a built-in thermostat and on the other side a Coffee Dripper (£6.99 shop here) made out in Stainless Steel. Together they make the perfect companions to a coffee lover. A very nice gift idea for someone who likes filter coffee either for yourself, a friend or an idea for the upcoming Mothers Day. I tried the product and would like to share the experience and my views on it below. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that I love coffee. Coffee is a special moment in the day when you slow down to take a break and appreciate your surroundings. While growing up coffee has been part of my culture and adults always ended a meal with coffee. It has a special place in my heart as a moment alone or with friends and family where we all discuss and talk about our everyday life or share stories. 

Why would you need it ? 

It is easy to use, easy to clean and is perfect to make one or two cups of coffee. I have tried a few ways of brewing coffees in the past (coffee pod machine, ground coffee espresso machine, Italian Moka) and they all have their pros and cons but this one is definitely the fastest and easiest way to make a cup of coffee while producing virtually no waste. 
The packaging is surprisingly elegant and makes it pleasant to open – Image credits: vonshef.com
Photos Credit: vonshef.com

Trying the kettle and coffee filter

It is so easy to use the kettle. Just like a normal traditional kettle you add water to it and put it on your hob. 


The thin gooseneck together with the built-in thermostat is ideal for slow pouring hot water at the perfect temperature and create the perfect cup of coffee. 

Then you wait and see the thermostat going up to the orange marked range which labels the ideal temperature of hot water to brew coffee (max of 96C). Never pour at 100C, it would burn the coffee!

While this is happening, add ground coffee to the coffee dripper and place it on top of a coffee mug. 

Once it has reach the right temperature, take the kettle out of the hob using the ergonomic handle and pour it slowly in a circular motion so you cover all the ground coffee. You may need to stop and wait for the coffee to drip entirely before topping it up with more water.

Remove the coffee dripper and its stand and your coffee cup is ready! 

It also works with my Chemex 6-cup Coffeemaker!

I typically would use paper filter with my Chemex, but now I can also use the coffee dripper. As you can see it fits the chemex perfectly. This would come handy if I would want to use more than one cup and don’t want to use my filter coffee machine.


Here below is a little video of how it all works:

My impressions 

Easy to clean and waste-free

I really like this product and I think will use it often. I like that it is easy to clean product and produces virtually no waste during usage. Typical coffee machines need to be cleaned and maintained often. There is often extra waste associated with them too like coffee pods made out of plastic or foil to bin or recycle, but it is not the case if you use a Coffee Dripper. The used ground coffee could actually be recycled too! Indeed you could use it to fertilize your garden! source

Pour Control

Using a gooseneck kettle makes it easier to evenly pour water onto your ground coffee. 

However, pouring water on the ground coffee is a bit of an art that requires practice and a steady hand. It can be a bit messy at first so it is important you pour water slowly to avoid waster spills. 

Hope you enjoyed this article! 

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