6 Modern Ways To Refresh Your Bathroom

The thought of refreshing your entire bathroom can be daunting. It is not an easy task to turn your space into a sanctuary – but you can achieve it if you are in the right direction. Surprisingly, doing a full blown renovation in your bathroom is not a compulsion when you are looking to turn it into a peaceful space. There is no need to break the bank as you can incorporate cost effective ways to revamp your existing bathroom by adding modern touches to it.

Let’s take a look at them:

1. Installing A Decorative Tile

Adding a decorative tile can be a great way to mix some texture and pattern into the aesthetic look. Bold patterns in tiles can be used to create a beautiful focal point. This will breathe life into your bathroom and the theme of the tile can be reflective of your personalised style.

2. Change the curtains, window

You can introduce new drapery for a modern and classic new touch. This might seem like a small thing, but it can have a huge impact. You will notice how this change will rejuvinate and you don’t have to spend alot on this.

3. Gallery Wall Of Art

You can introduce a gallery wall of art to set the tone. Posters and artwork can be a great addition. These can be based on your choice or a theme that you have in mind. You can bring other designer bathroom touches by talking to an expert. Check bathroom showrooms in harrogate at Harrogate Bathrooms for finding a cost effective way to modernise your bathroom.

4. Hang a bathroom mirror

A nice, new mirror will add newness in your bathroom. You can choose a shape that goes with your theme (rectangular, round etc.) Your selection criteria can be based on your styling sense.

5. Use Frosted Films

Frosted films look great and you can skip using heavy curtains in the bathroom. When water splashes, it gives a very modern yet minimalistic look. Frosted films will help you create a new look without going an extra mile.

6. Artificial Plants

Artificial plants are useful for bringing out the calmness in your space. Touches of greenery are vital for creating a stress free environment