6 Genderless Wellness Products to Have in Your Bathroom Cabinet

Wait what is a wellness product?

Well, it is a product that is good for your soul and your body! You probably have read that it is important to look after yourself and take some “me-time” once in a while for your own sanity and Mental Health. And… as you are probably thinking about bubble and bath times and you’ll be in the correct frame of mind.

I have selected 6 products I love to use, they are a bit timeless and not ” in trend” per say but it will feel good and do wonders to your skin.

1. a Kessa glove and a Beldi black soap

This is my to-go- solution when my body needs an extra deep skin clean and I don’t have time to go to a salon/spa. I use this glove with this specific black soap. In the shower, wet the soap first, apply to your skin then with the wet glove, scrub it off. All the dead skins get removed instantly. I even use it gently on the face and lips. This is as close as I got to body exfoliation in a salon. Its origin is from the authentic hammam experience from Morroco. I’ve tried other gloves and some “exfoliating creams” but have been going back to this one every time, and now I just stick to it entirely. Soft skin guaranteed! You can use every week, I do it maybe once a month or when I feel like it. Will take an extra 10min in the shower but traditionally it is used after a hammam session. Kessa glove on Etsy.co.ukBeldi/Moroccan black soap on Etsy.co.uk.

my Kessa glove and black soap (I bought the wrong one by mistake, in my defense it was called black soap too so do make sure you double check the description). The one linked above is correct.
2. Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is great for your face, your body, hair, nails etc. It is just an all-rounder oil to have at home. I like sometimes to use it after a face mask or taking a hot shower. Using it on your hands and nails during a massage a moment of mindfulness is very pleasant!

I am sadly out of Almond Oil so here is a small oil container instead 🙂
3. A Cleansing mask and An Hydrating mask

Sometimes you got to do your own facial so having a few masks at home will allow you to taylor to what your skin is screaming for: is it for a deep cleaning ? or does it require a hydrating / thirst-quenching treatment? I have “normal” skin and I have needed both! Here are my current favourites: Caudalie

You can do the cucumber slice thing, or use cold (kept in the freezer) t-bags to reduce eye puffiness. I’d recommend listening to Classic FM, your favourite soundtrack or a good audiobook too while the mask is taking effect… 😉

Moisturising and Instant-Detox Mask from Caudalie
4. A quartet of essentials oils for different usage.

Tea Tree, Eucalyptus/peppermint, Lavender and Citrus are my favourites to have in the house. You can use them alone by letting a few drops on a pillow, mixed with a moisturising cream, adding a few drops in the water of your steam facial or in an oil diffuser for everyone to enjoy.

Eucalyptus: great for breathing and bringing fresh air. Lavender: great for relaxing. Citrus: great for awaking the senses. Tea Tree: great for its antibacterial property.

My essentials oils – Citrus, Lavender, Eucalyptus
5. Aloe Vera Gel

A refreshing cream to be used after-sun exposure or on sore, irritated skin but also to refresh your skin at any time. It can be used on the face or body and is never greasy. Mix it with sweet almond oil for added moisture. There are probably other benefits of using Aloe Vera so just get some and you’ll discover all the ways you can use it over time. Make sure the first ingredients on your coveted product packaging is “Aloe Barbadensis” if it says “Aqua” first then it is not the real thing and a knock-off version watered down. Get the real stuff!

Aloe Vera Gel
Check ingredients that Aloe barbadensis leaf juice is first.
6. Essential Oil infused Bath Salts

Bath salts mixed in a bath is divine. The negative ions being diffused gets soaked into your skin. I am not sure what is the science behind it, I think it has to do with magnesium absorption. It just feels much better than the pretty fluffy bubbles alone (don’t get me wrong, that is fun as well). Added with essential oil and you enter the nirvana of “me-time” and doesn’t that feel delightful? Use it in a bath, in a foot bath, or just hand wash your hands with it.

I have recently tried the one from eco-friendly brand Maya Rey and it is very lush indeed.

Tea Tree Oil & Lime Hymalayan Bath Salts from Maya Rey

So here are my 6 favourites – timeless – unisex – feel-good products to have at home. Do you have others? I’d love to discover some more, please comment below if you do.