6 Storage Furniture ideas for your home – Budget friendly post!

Finding the right piece of storage furniture for a specific place in your home can sometimes take ages and be the object of many conversations as if yes or no this is a good buy. It has to look good, be functional, go with the rest of the room decor and ideally be good value for money.

On the contrary, if a decision is taking too quickly it could result in the “fast-shopping-guilt and regret” and no one deserves to feel like that for something as simple as getting the right home furniture for your space.

If you have been following me on Instagram (if not check out for a peak on my website footer), you know that I have been on the quest for the perfect chest of drawers for the spare guest room redecoration. I even created a 3D Design of the room to help me visualise the furniture, I am glad I did as I have discarded a couple of them that were too bulky. Finally, worth mentioning, I am on a very tight budget for this piece of furniture that won’t be used too regularly yet will be very practical and essentials to my guests.

So in this blog post, I am revealing some of my finds in the hopes that I will save some of your precious time if you are on the look out for a new piece of storage furniture on a budget.

On this post, I will focus on Attractive Design (to me!), Practicality/Functionality and Price.

Hope you like the post!

1. Combine IKEA Furniture system with cute doors from 3rd party company.

When doing a blog post on affordable furniture, I cannot avoid talking about the flat-pack furniture company that is IKEA. I am obsessing over design-led companies offering doors for IKEA storage systems. I understand this concerns the storage system called METOD (used for Kitchen and Storage) but also the TV Storage systems called BESTA, and even the Wardrobe system called PAX. This is still relatively new to me and I still need to get my head around ordering half of the furniture from IKEA and half of it from an online retailer I have never heard before – but the front doors are available in many different sizes, designs, colours and there are also knobs available and legs. Custom-Made affordable furniture, that sounds too good. One to keep an eye on for sure.

For who ? Someone design-focus, looking for custom-made furniture (combination of sizes are endless!), and is patient in waiting for deliveries with long lead-times.

IKEA METOD Storage System With Superfront doors, legs and knobs.
IKEA METOD Storage system With Superfront Doors, Legs and Knobs.
IKEA BESTA Storage System With Superfront Aston Grey Doors, Legs and Knobs.

2. Combine IKEA Storage System, their doors and a bit of DIY.

I came across a brilliant picture from a Swedish Blogger and got to read the article linked to it, she explains she used the “cheapest IKEA Kitchen Cabinets” and added simple wood frames and painted the cabinets. The result is a very natural looking wall-to-wall storage system that looks like it was always there. Read the instructions here.

Picture from Maiju Saw
Picture from Maiju Saw

For who ? a DIYer on a budget with an entire empty wall and a free week-end.

3. The Solid Pine 2-door Ivar cabinet.

Beautiful Ivar cabinet. The flexible system can be used on its own, or installed next to each other to create a longer storage system. It can be wall mounted, or you can add legs to it. You can paint it or keep the natural wood pine finish to give a bit of natural wood warmth to your room. It is rather a thin (38cm deep) storage cabinet so it may not be able to store as much as a traditional chest of drawers for example but what it lacks in room, it gets in looks. Isn’t he beautiful? Price is only £45 per cabinet as well making it very affordable.

    1. Use it wall mounted
    2. Floor mounted next to each other
    3. or painted with legs:




      4. A Solid Oak Chest of Drawers

      An affordable option for a modern mid-century chest of drawer from House by John Lewis with the Bow 4 Drawer Chest, Oak.

      At £399, it is more expensive but the material is solid oak (known as more durable than pine or MDF).

      For who ? Someone who likes sturdy, modern, sleek furniture and that has a room that can be combined with a oak colour.

      Picture: John Lewis

      5. The Artic Collection from maisonsdumonde.com

      This definitely Nordic-inspired collection is understated, elegant, practical and at an interesting price point. Artic seems to be ticking a few boxes.

      Their structure material is MDF (Medium Dentisty Fibreboard E1).

      For who? Someone who likes minimalist and simple furniture at a good price point.

      £179.50 – Chest of Drawers. Picture: maisonsdumonde SAS
      £329 – Artic White 2-door Cabinet. Picture: maisons du monde SAS
      £270.50 – Artic Sideboard in Grey. Picture: maisons du monde SAS

      6. IDÅSEN – New IKEA Cabinet with doors and drawers

      Originally designed for the office, this type of furniture could also be used in a living room or a bedroom. It combines the need for doors and drawers in a single piece of furniture. The only negative point to an use in a bedroom is that with 47cm deep, it may be a bit too voluminous for small bedrooms. It is available in Beige and Blue. The material of this cabinet is described as steel/polyester powder coating on the IKEA UK website.

      For who ? Someone who likes the look and feel of steel furniture, someone looking for plenty storage that is nicely tucked away behind cabinet and drawers doors.

      £180 – IDÅSEN Cabinet with doors and drawers in Beige. Picture: IKEA

      Hope this article gave you some inspiration or ideas for storage and organisation in your home, feel free to share it or pin a few pictures, so I can see that you’ve enjoyed it and it always helps the blog too.

      Thank you !