5 Beautiful Designer Modular Sofas

What is a Modular Sofa ?

A Modular Sofa is a Sofa composed of seating elements that come together to create your perfect Sofa arrangement. It can be an L-shaped Sofa, 2 or 3-seater bench, Footstool, 1-seater and they all can be added to each other to create a larger Ensemble. I’m always looking for Sofa Inspiration (I mean I definitely spent a lot of time on the sofa in 2020!!) so it was interesting to have a closer look at this type of Sofa. I believe designer modular sofas were the inspiration of the very popular “L-shaped sofa”, a popular modern choice that you see in most high street furniture shops nowadays.

Here are the ones that have caught my eyes that will fit modern and classic home decor:

Ligne Roset – Togo

Modern yet timeless design

Double Settees, Single, Corner and footstool elements – Image Credits: Ligne Roset
Mix of upholstery and leather fabrics – Image Credits: Ligne Roset

&Tradition – Develius

Mix of Green Velvet Upholstery on corner, single, chaise longue and footstool elements – Image credits: &Tradition
A Single Chaise Longue as a reading nook – Image credits: &Tradition

Meridiani – Bacon Collection

Modular Sofa can work in medium-sized room too – Image credits: Meridiani.com
A Modular Sofa is a Statement and a focal point of a room decor – Image credits: Instagram Natalia Pogorielova

Meridiani – Louis

A Footstool can be used as additionnal seating or as a low table – Image credits: Meridiani.com

Sweetpea & Willow – Dompaka Disruption Sofa – From £4,096.00

Dompaka Disruption Sofa – Image Credits: SweetpeaandWillow.com
Image Credits: SweetpeaandWillow.com

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