12 Designer mugs to enhance your coffee routine

Nothing says winter is coming like hunting for a new mug, refilling the cupboard with a new box of hot chocolate powder, or getting new candles. As we are diving towards the Autumn season, you will find here a selection of designer mugs or minimalist mugs which I have gathered. I hope it will inspire you some relaxing moments at home, or at work…

Quality Porcelain and Stoneware Mugs

I enjoy using high-quality homeware especially when it is an object that uses the sense of touch. I feel like we spend a lot of time talking about what looks good but touch is just as important in homeware. For example, what makes your favorite mug, your favourite mug? Mine is not only by the way it looks, but rather I like the way it fits well in my hands, I like to look at the fine porcelain that it is made of, and it is a good size for me (not too large)… I kind of dislike my white chunky mugs, it seems like I don’t enjoy coffee the same way as I enjoy it from my favourite mug.

Anyway maybe I am being funny but I think that drinking from a cup that has been beautifully designed with a unique fine craftsmanship enhance the experience of drinking a hot beverage.

Those mugs have either an interesting design, were made with materials (ceramic, porcelain, stoneware) or with authentic handmade techniques or all those three aspects combined. Hope you will find one you like.

12 design mugs for your favourite hot drinks:  


  1. Amelie Glazed Grey Mug – £12 – Porcelain – By RoseandGrey.co.uk – Click Here
  2. OIVA/ RÄSYMATTO MUG – £18 – By MARIMEKKO – Click Here
  3. Paper Coffee Cup – £25 – Porcelain – By HAY – Click here
  4. Grayson Mug – £6 – Stoneware – By Habitat – Click Here
  5. The Everyday Mug – £36 – Stoneware – By Emma Lacey – Click Here
  6. ED Cat mug – £14 – Porcelain – By Royal Doulton – Click Here
  7. Pinya Black Round Mug – £6 – Glazed Terracotta – By Habitat – Click Here
  8. Cobalt Coffee Mug – £25 – Fine Bone China – by Feldspar – Click Here 
  9. Pug Life Mug  – £25 – Fine Bone China – by Sophie Allport – Click Here
  10. Wood Mug – £15 – Stoneware ceramic – By HAY –  Click Here
  11. Extra Large Jumper Mug – £10.99 – Fine Bone China –  By Helen Russell – Click Here
  12. SHAPES MUG ALFRED – £11.99 – Porcelain – By AANDERSSON at Moxon –  Click Here



What is your favourite design? 


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