10 Parisian-inspired Overmantle Mirrors for The Living Room

The “Louis Philippe” style mirror created in the 19th century as part of French neoclassicism has a unique way of making a room look bigger by its oversized dimensions and vertical orientation which elevates the wall it is standing against. Here is a selection of products to help you reproduce the vintage/antique vibe. They are best suited for high ceiling rooms. As an idea, our living room is 270cm and I am considering getting one.

Originally designed for marble fireplaces, its modern take is to use on any type of fireplace mantel for an easy chic and elegant look.

Scroll down for the DIY Option!

1 – Find Your Own Vintage Mirror

More authentic, and more eco-friendly is finding your own pre-loved mirror. There are a few places where you could try your luck. Budget wise, you will find all ranges from GBP 150 to more than GBP 3000 for an authentic Louis Philippe mirror. Double-check dimensions and description to avoid disappointment. A few places to try online: Etsy, Selency, eBay, or Sellingantiques. Otherwise your local car boot sales or regional vintage fair is also an option.

2. Gleaming Primrose Mirror
How beautiful does this style look on a simple brick fireplace?
3. Astoria Mirror from Wayfair
4. Yearn Mirror from Wayfair
5. Victoire Mirror with Gold mouldings by maisonsdumonde
6. Conservatoire Mirror with Gold Moldings
7. Altesse Mirror from maison du monde
8. Gubi FA33 designed by Gio Ponti – Vertical Brass Wall Mirror

This is a modern take but fits the original concept: gold frame, tall, vertical/portrait format and used on top of a fireplace.

9. Pelazzo Gold Mirror – from William Wood Mirrors (185CM X 104CM) – £195

This mirror can be floor standing but also wall-mounted. It weights 15kg and is approx 2 1/2″ deep.

10. Make Your Own !

You could actually DIY this one by creating a wall panel with wood architraves – click here to read my tutorial on our panels – and hosting a mirror in the middle. You’ll need to source a mirror cut to dimension and fitted to the wall if you can go for a faceted one which looks more elegant and in line with the classic design. A professional glass retailer should be able to provide information about how to secure against your wall.

Example of a wood panel and a mirror as over-mantle decoration – Source: The Style Addict

I hope you liked these ideas!